Aluminum Dataset is a set of 360-degree tools based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and big data that helps various businesses to improve their marketing processes and operations.

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Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Aluminum Dataset can transform raw data into documents and strategic insights in marketing or operations with the help of artificial intelligence. In the form of an API or document, the ability to implement from scratch in a dedicated form is also available for you

Data Mining

Data Mining

We collect data from social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and news sites for you. Aluminum Dataset has added LinkedIn mining to its services for the first time in Iran. What are they saying about your business? We are your social listening tool

Market Forecasting

Market Forecasting

Exclusive algorithms that can predict your and competitors' market share can be implemented by Aluminum Dataset. How much will your income increase or decrease in the next OKR? Machine learning answers that questions

Data Clustering

Data Clustering

It's time to group your customers or label specific items in your store. The same data should be in the same processes in your organization, so it's time to reduce the cost of retention marketing. You can analyze faster by labeling

?Why is our service the best choice

Scalability as your market size increases

A team of the best specialists and engineers with international records

The flagship of the Data-Driven marketing school and the drastic reduction of your marketing costs


Property market transparency

  • The AlMelk software is a comprehensive tool designed to monitor and track the housing market. This includes a wide range of properties such as apartments, villas, office spaces, and commercial buildings.
  • The primary goal of AlMelk is to democratize knowledge and make it accessible in a visual format. This is particularly beneficial for a diverse audience including investors looking for lucrative opportunities, managers overseeing property portfolios, real estate consultants advising clients, and the general public who have concerns or interests in the housing sector.
  • By offering a transparent market view, AlMelk empowers users to make informed decisions based on current trends and data. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, a consultant advising on property investments, or a manager handling real estate assets, AlMelk provides the insights you need to navigate the complex landscape of the real estate market.
  • In essence, AlMelk is more than just software – it’s a tool that brings clarity to the often opaque world of real estate, fostering transparency and promoting informed decision-making.


Instagram Analytics Dashboard

Martinhall service analyzes Instagram comments with the help of artificial intelligence. Aluminum Dataset’s new service helps business managers make decisions based on Instagram data. If you want to know people’s opinions about a specific event or issue or brand, leave the reading of the comments to Martinhall! With the help of natural language processing and artificial intelligence, Martinhall will show you the summary and aggregation of people’s opinions. Every Instagram post whose results are important to you will be presented to you in a short time in the form of a report. You don’t need account information to receive the report, so you won’t have to worry about security

Dataset Store

All the text of the information collected in the store's datasets is in Persian

About Us

Aluminum Dataset offers diverse datasets for AI enthusiasts and business owners in various fields. They provide real data for machine learning models and offer unique analyses for business owners and senior managers to better understand their market. Data-driven marketing is a strategy that uses insights from big data to predict future behaviors and make marketing decisions. The company is named after aluminum, a widely used metal, because datasets are also widely used and increasing in number, and they offer complete datasets and analyses at reasonable prices 

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